YULETIDE – A Season of Love and Celebration

YULETIDE – A Season of Love and Celebration

Fireworks 10 by Abyla
Fireworks by Abyla

YULETIDE  (Christmas)
A Season of Love and Celebration


In the hearts of many, gladness is rich,
As many call on all to share with them
Their joy and tales of adventure,
Through the year so encountered.

In many places, friends and folks,
Meet for the year and hug with love,
Sharing sweet smiles of happiness,
And the gladness of a joyful season.

By the corner, kids play and dance,
Making friends of mixed generations,
Building grounds for future friendship,
In hopes of many more Yuletides.

In the air, the feel is near tangible,
As happiness reigns over sadness,
With cheers and charity all spreading,
Painful incidents are readily endured.

Joy is the feeling, the world over,
As Forgiveness gives in abundance.
And charity lives in generous hearts.
Salutations! Felicitations! It’s Christmas!


Family Thanksgiving At Christmas©Oliver O. Mbamara, 2003 (2009)©POEMS of FREEDOM


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Bea Panda

Bea Panda Beautiful poem – thanks for sharing. Christmas most definitely has a special effect on everyone’s way of of thinking and behaving. We just have to keep praying that it lasts throughout the year. Wishing you and yours joy and peace this Christmas season and through the coming years…

Eric Chifunda

Eric Chifunda Thanks Oliver for sharing with us the celebratory holiday spirit so well couched with such depth and finesse.

Eno Awotoye
Eno Awotoye Beautiful Oliver!
Have a wonderful time, Lots of Love and Hugs to you and the family. Well done-o!
Rose Joseph

Rose Joseph Beautiful Poem…..

Olubunmi Afonja

Olubunmi Afonja Beautiful poem. Have a great time at home.

Christene Graham

Christene Graham Thanks Oliver for sharing….as i spend this Christmas away from my immediate family, i always have the thought of wishing i was with them…After reading your poem, it has definately reshaped my thinking/rekindled my spirit, now i’m putting more emphaSee More

Regina Askia Williams

Regina Askia Williams Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year !! Nice poetry

Adedayo Ologan
Zie Afr

Zie Afr indeed a nice one. can’t stop reading over & over…

Charles Mba

Charles Mba Nice touch for the Christmas.

Ebuka Ikeoyibo

Ebuka Ikeoyibo Very interesting. You took me home in a flash. Thank you so much, Oliver.

Oliver O. Mbamara
Oliver O. Mbamara Thank you so much for all your kind and generous comments.
Remain well and enjoy the rest of the season and more…
Adanne Chukwu

Adanne Chukwu Merry xmas and that was a poem suitable for the season.

Wanda Wilder

Wanda Wilder Thank you Oliver, very inspiring poem enjoyed it very much. May the rest of your holiday season bring you peace,love and joy. God Bless!

Princess Meg Ukwubiwe

Princess Meg Ukwubiwe Happy BD and happy holidays.May you find favor

Kelechi Kohen

Kelechi Kohen happy new year,oliver this is a wonderful and beatiful poem

Grace Oni.

Grace Oni. Thanks Oliver BEAUTIFUL poem…May the joy of the Lord be upon you too and a prosperous New Year

Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Thank you, everyone – merry xmas, new year, and more!

Citor Nnorom

Citor Nnorom Well said………………

Emmanuel Obi

Emmanuel Obi · 2 mutual friends

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Ij Mbams

Ij Mbams Beauiful and lovely poem..

Charity Kafula

Charity Kafula Nice one Oliver, very inspiring. You such a good poet. Happy Holidays!

Deborah Elizabeth Lotus

Deborah Elizabeth Lotus Wonderful, you have filled me with the Christmas Spirit, just in time! Merry Christmas and thank you!

Snazzí Lily

Snazzí Lily Merry Christmas to you & yours Oliver. wish y’all a blessed & peaceful new year.

Charles Ofoji

Charles Ofoji Oli, nice piece! Merry Christmas

Victor Olatoye
Tosin Mustapha

Tosin Mustapha beautiful! Thanks for writing and sharing.

Ms-Hollywood Holly

Ms-Hollywood Holly Inspiring words always bring me tears of joy, laughter and happiness. May you always be blessed and favoured, may God grant you your heart desires always. Amen

Olamide Davies Talabi

Olamide Davies Talabi Lovely poem …. Merry Christmas.

Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Wishing you all the continued love and blessings of God!

Geraldox Gerry

Geraldox Gerry nice one, hav a fulfilled xmas

Jane Maluka

Jane Maluka Thanks and appreciations, Oliver, for the thought; for sharing your beautiful poetry, mastery as we know it. Continued grace to heart and soul right places and expressions of their fusion. Peace Love Happiness and success to you and yours at all seasons.

Oliver O. Mbamara

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