Oliver O. Mbamara, is an attorney, a filmmaker, writer, & poet.

Oliver Oscar Mbamara - Many faces, many calling, multiple careers
Oliver Oscar Mbamara – Juggling Careers

Background and Legal Career: Oliver O. Mbamara started writing and acting while pursuing a legal career in Nigeria before moving to the United States where he became a State Admin Judge, a position in which he has served for over seventeen years. He has been a long-standing member of the Nigerian Lawyers Association (USA) and has served in various capacities for the association including as the chairman of the board of directors.

Writing, Filmmaking, & Artistic Career: Oliver O. Mbamara continued his writing and artistic career in the USA and has published a number of books on Poetry and Africa-themed essays. In 2001, he broke into American theater and entertainment circles with his leading role in the off-Broadway show – PRISONER OF KALAKIRI. He then returned to the big screen where he became one of the pioneering Nollywood filmmakers in the USA when he teamed with colleagues to make the ground-breaking Nollywood film titled THIS AMERICA (2004) based on his novel that chronicled the conflicts and experiences of an African immigrant in America. He has since produced, directed, and acted leading roles in several feature films such as SLAVE WARRIOR , ON THE RUN AGAIN, and the SPADE MOVIES SERIES. One of his latest works is the creation of the pioneer African Diaspora TV series titled CULTURES. Oliver recently graduated from the New York Film Academy where he studied Filmmaking. He is the current president of the Nollywood Producers Guild, USA, and is working towards lifting the Nollywood Industry at home and in Diaspora into the next stage of its development in line with the advancement of technology and the changing modes of content production and distribution worldwide.

Publishing & Motivational Speaking: Oliver O. Mbamara is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning online magazine and he continues to write and serve as a motivational speaker and commentator on life and living. He has delivered various papers at various public forums and conferences up to the United Nations. He is currently working on several books and other projects focused on sustaining African history and cultures while building a stronger structure for Nollywood and African creative entertainment.

Recognition: Hon. Mbamara has been recognized for his achievements in various fields including: The 2017 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by the Board of MARQUIS WHO’S WHO.” The 2015 LANFA Legendary Movie Achievement Award USA. The 2014 Nigeria Centenary Achievement Award (NCAA) USA. The 2013 Nigerian Sports & Cultural Award for “Contributions to the Nigerian Movie Industry.” The 2012 GRIOTS Film Festival Recognition For “Dedication & Commitment to African Cinema.” The 2012 Nations of Pan Africa Best Movie Director Award. The 2012 NAFCA Best Cinematography Award. The 2011 Nollywood USA “Legendary Achievement Award.” The 2011 Nigerian Promoters Association (USA) “Best Movie Producer of the Year Award.”  The 2008 Afro Heritage Immigrant Award. The 2008 Afro-Hollywood USA Legendary Award. The 2002 – International Poet of Merit Award, among others.

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Personal Life and Appreciation (In Oliver’s words) “As you would agree after browsing through this website, effort has been made to tell you a lot about my works and my humble self. I am just another Soul working towards a balance. I have a lot to learn about life and do have my human frailties to improve upon. If there is anything left untold about my life, it is probably private and I do appreciate your understanding about this. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for all your support and encouragement.  More blessings!”

Hobbies/Pastime: Oliver played soccer-league and still jumps at every opportunity to “tap some leather.” He was a martial arts student and teacher during his high school/college days and the essential tenets and disciplines of martial arts are still well imbibed in him. He enjoys photography and some of his shots are regularly being used in standard publications. Oliver enjoys cooking and being creative about dishes. He loves people who see the bright side and humor in everyday life, he appreciates open-minded individuals, and loves being around humble people.