To Love or To Hate

picture credit - photographer unknown

To Love or To Hate

To Love or To Hate

picture credit - photographer unknown
picture credit – photographer unknown

(We See In Others The Likeness of Us)

There’s nothing to hate but hate itself
There’s nothing to fear but fear itself
Perhaps nothing to judge but prejudice,
Yet there’s always love to conquer all

If we these traits prefer to harbor
The hatred, the fear, the prejudice,
We only burden our hearts and souls
And so impede our chance to grow

And since only love can conquer hate
The journey of healing so begins
The moment we let go hate and fear
That love in our hearts may find its place

The choice is ours – to love or hate,
The harvest we reap is what we’ve sown
Suffer the burden, shackle the hate,
Or enjoy freedom in love and peace

What we choose we have and so become,
Mirrored in others we see ourselves
The beauty, the love, the ugly or hate,
Yet there’s always love to conquer all.

picture credit - photographer unknown
picture credit – photographer unknown


©Oliver O. Mbamara – POEMS OF LOVE & FREEDOM (Nov. 10, 2012/Updated Mar. 2015)

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Charity Kafula

Charity Kafula True and well said Oliver. Blessed Be.

Kedra L Curry

Kedra L Curry Beautifully written Mr.r Oliver Mbamara keep the love flowing !

Victor Olatoye

Victor Olatoye Great Poems….keep ’em coming Oliver Mbamara

Snazzí Lily

Snazzí Lily hahaha i love d picture…. awwww. Oliver u r who u r… master of ur craft. i remain optimistic that ppll will get the mssgs of ur poems n that the world, as a whole will be a reflection of it. blessings always!!

Ama Cgfr

Ama Cgfr Keep dem coming,dey ar my emotional prescription

Deborah Elizabeth Lotus

Deborah Elizabeth Lotus Wonderful write to support what we all need to do; make a conscious choice ! and how can we choose other than to love…Thank you Oliver Mbamara!

Iyke Chukwu Iheukwumere

Iyke Chukwu Iheukwumere the only thing that can heal this crazy world, the just letters, yet just to hard for people to wholeheartedly. amazing piece Oliver!

Jane Maluka

Jane Maluka Nice sitting, Oliver . Woof.. Keep bend it in heart core, capital and bold vs cold, and the profound humour comes soul cookies for you

Eric Chifunda

Eric Chifunda Profound words at the right time! Thank you for sharing this gift of love. As an adage goes: if you have light, let others light their candles at it.

Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Thank you so much everyone. I appreciate the kind comments. Much love to you all.

Ij Mbams

Ij Mbams Great Peems:-) thanks De Oliver for sharing with us

Dyna L-koch

Dyna L-koch Very interesting Mr Oliver. …thank you for sharing such deep thoughts

Oliver O. Mbamara

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