Radioactive Waste, Pollution, & Electromagnetic Exposure

Oliver Oscar Mbamara Esq., award winning filmmaker, actor, writer, poet & Attorney.

Radioactive Waste, Pollution, & Electromagnetic Exposure

Radioactive Waste, Pollution, & Electromagnetic Exposure: A Call For Awareness Programs and Effective Management – by Oliver Oscar Mbamara

Interestingly during the recent surge of mobile business in modern developing countries such as in many African countries, telecom companies offered people (and some still offer) tempting sums to mount their towers in people’s lands. Most of such lands happen to be residential properties. A lot of people went for it and such towers were mounted inside residential compounds and people continue to live in those residences today oblivious of the adverse effects of the electromagnetic waves being emitted by these installations. The practice continues today as cell phone and broadband business continue to grow in many African countries.

In some populated areas and cities where housing accommodation remains scarce, people continue to build houses under high tension wires and cables while unsuspecting tenants continue to rent and habit in these houses directly unaware or in total disregard of the dangers. In some countries, the dumping of nuclear waste goes on indiscriminately and radioactive decay and their effects on the people and environment remain mostly unchecked. With the advent of second hand electronic materials being of high demand in developing countries, these developing countries have become dumping grounds for used and dilapidated computers, phones, and other electronic gadgets that contain or emit radioactive or electromagnetic elements.

Regardless of how much the benefiting companies try to argue to the contrary, this piece insists that putting cell-phones to the head for a continuous length of time as well as dwelling or living every moment of life around electronic gadgets and radioactive materials have adverse effects on the body, the mind, the brain, and even the nervous system. Adverse radioactive consequences WILL manifest in the future  It is just a question of time before the effects begin to become obvious. It is therefore very worrying that parents and adults obliviously feed and bask children from tender ages with contaminants from electronic gadgets and radioactive waves or elements. Exposure to radiation can lead to so many ills such as cell death, birth defects, cancer, immune and endocrine system disorders, genetic mutations, leukemia, etc.

In some places laws and regulations have been set up to manage and regulate radioactive waste, disposal, pollution, and emission. One only hopes that other leaders would have the interest and human temerity to follow suit to help protect the under-privileged who are usually the ones that mostly suffer the consequences of illegal dumping and mostly unaware of the effects of electromagnetic exposures. Accordingly, there is need for the creation of awareness programs and the enacting and enforcement of appropriate regulatory laws to effectively address the situation.

On the face of it, it could be argued that one does not have to be a scientist to know that constant flow of concentrated electronic, magnetic, or any energy flow of any sort will have unnatural consequences after a protracted length of time. Interestingly, many share this view yet very few seem to care. Incidentally, there is more to it. Many poor and developing countries that are victims of the dumping of chemical waste materials continue to suffer the atrocity because someone somewhere gets paid or is otherwise convinced to accept the dumping of such waste materials in such communities. In some communities, the problem is entrenched in the polity. Subsequently, the adverse consequences on human health, vegetation, agriculture, and other environmental degradation is such that could prevail from one generation to several generations long after those who collected the monies and/or authorized the hazard have long been gone.

As a means towards successful awareness program and effective management of the challenges of radioactive waste pollution and exposure, there has to be a recognition of the fact that not all parties involved in electromagnetic hazards and radioactive pollution go into it fully aware of the dangers to man and nature. As such we should not be quick to blame or condemn those who allow waste dumps or such towers within their localities or residential areas. There has to be an understanding that some who allow such chemical wastes to be dumped in their vicinities sometimes act out of a lack of understanding of the consequences of their acts. Most of these people see the offer of huge sums to allow dumps or mount towers as a way to survive and deal with pressing needs of living in the short-run with little consideration of the damage likely to occur in the long-run. In some cases they are convinced to believe that it is all safe and would act otherwise if they know better.

Nevertheless, neither the zeal to survive in the face of hardship nor the allure of money or convenience should serve as an excuse for the choice of allowing electromagnetic and radioactive elements around people. There has to be some sort of compelling opposition to the simple choices of convenience and survival that lead many to these unhealthy exposure. Creating awareness programs could be a good way to start. If smoking ban and regulations could be effected to help protect smokers and victims of second-hand smoking from the adverse effects of smoking, something could be done to help those in need of protection from the adverse effects of pollution as well as electromagnetic and radioactive contaminants. In this same vein awareness could be spread to reduce avoidable exposure to these elements as well provide care to those already exposed to them whether at home or at work.

Though sources of certain pollutants or contaminants like waste dumps could be seen, in most other cases, radioactive and electromagnetic emissions could be invisible to the naked eyes which sort of makes them silent killers. Though one may not see it, touch it, or smell it, the impact remains potent and sooner or later it will manifest in one way or another. Perhaps with some awareness and education people would be able to make informed choices helpful to their health and their lives, while those already sick could get some care, maintenance, and prevent further avoidable exposure.

Oliver Mbamara ©2011/2014

Caveat: This piece is based on common sense experience and limited research analysis towards creating an awareness for safer living amidst today’s bulk of electronic gadgets and waste disposal amongst unsuspecting communities of developing countries. It is not academic and the writer does not claim to be an expert on radioactive waste and electromagnetic pollution or contaminants.

oli-HandOnDesk-TightCU-On960x500-Template1ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Oliver Oscar Mbamara is an attorney, an admin Judge,  award winning filmmaker, actor, writer, poet, and publisher.  

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