O You America!

Flag of USA

O You America!

(On Independence Of The USA)

O you America, home of the brave,
Guided on all corners, day and night,
By the Lord’s armor of immortal soldiers,
Gallant men of daring feat and chivalry,
In robes of light and stripes of white,
Crowned in stars and fed in spirit.
Though your foes your surface scratch,
They never shall touch your heart within.

O you America, land of the free,
Your Star Spangled Banner ever waves,
Cheerfully over the terrace of love,
Where all together strive to freely live,
In peace and harmony of brotherhood,
Saluting your symbol of freedom won,
The ever so standing ‘Old Glory’
Of a nation indivisible under God.

O you America, country of God,
In whom we trust, and have our being.
A land rescued by heaven’s hand,
Richly blessed with men and women,
Of color and races variously made,
With talents and wealth equally given.
Even though some may think you foe,
You America, will always be loved.

In your glory, forget not the balance of responsibility,
Even as you lead the march on freedom’s lane.


Oliver O. Mbamara
Poems of Freedom ©
(Sept. 2002 (July 2014) All Rights Reserved

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Kele McCoy

Kele McCoy very nice uncle O, only wish it was “O YOU, NIGERIA” 🙂


Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara @Kele, there are many of such words for Nigeria…Today is for USA!


Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Sure thing…there’s something for Nigeria’s October 1st. Thank you.


Rose Joseph

Rose Joseph O beatiful poem, thanks again for sharing your talent, Happy 4th of July…..


Chido Nwangwu
Chido Nwangwu Hon. Oliver Mbamara,
Your creative flourish shines through, again, with this first rate poem on America.See More
Eric Chifunda

Eric Chifunda Beautiful poem Oliver. Well crafted….. the Soul and Spirit of America comes forth vividly in your poetry.. Mucho Kudos!!!!!


Princess Worldbeat

Princess Worldbeat I second what Eric stated…Well Done tribute for America’s Bday


Andrew Okechukwu Obaze

Andrew Okechukwu Obaze · 10 mutual friends

Oh you america so be it
since u said ur love is true
My lugguage is packed am flying todaySee More


Oliver O. Mbamara
Oliver O. Mbamara Thank you, Ashley; Thank you, Rose; Thank you Charlene.
@Chido: Thank you so much for your kind words and generous wishes.
Blessings and merry holiday!
Oliver O. Mbamara
Oliver O. Mbamara Thanks Angelinah, Thanks Eric, I appreciate.
@Andrew: Nice response. Funny but quite creative – keep it up.
Adanne Chukwu

Adanne Chukwu u right home of all nations


Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Thank you Charles & Chidoka.


Andrea Zehnder
Andrea Zehnder I love these lines especially:
In robes of light and stripes of white,
Crowned in stars and fed in spirit.See More
Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Thanks Andrea…I love those lines too.


Brendan Dalton

Brendan Dalton Ollie, I am sorry it took so long for me to read this, ……. but I’m glad I did.


Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Thanks, Brendan. Glad you liked it.


Iheoma Osimiri

Iheoma Osimiri Oscar, I saw your message. Thanks alot


Henry A. Street

Henry A. Street Very well done! I’m recovering from a triple by-pass! Keep writing! Loved it!


Oliver O. Mbamara
Oliver O. Mbamara Thanks Henry. Good to know you are recovering well.
Many blessings and best wishes in your recovery.
Rita Scholl

Rita Scholl Henry, get better, do what the docs say, and you’ll be right as rain again. Rita


Favour Amarachi

Favour Amarachi Bro oli, ur reputation speaks 4 u, am so delighted on dat poem, but i wish u use Nigeria 2 compose 1. How are u doing? Hv a blisful moment!


Stella Azie

Stella Azie love, love, love it. All we need is to turn into a song and the rest as they say will be history.


Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Thank you Stella Azie. Waiting to hear the song.


Oliver O. Mbamara
Oliver O. Mbamara Thank you, Favour Amarachi. Actually I wrote one for Nigeria as far back as 2003 – See the poem – FATHERLAND at the end of the article – ARE WE ASHAMED OF OUR FATHERLAND
Moses Adedeji

Moses Adedeji Oliver I’m a proud Nigerian anywhere anytime any day. Nigeria is a great country, giant of Africa. Nigeria a light to Africa continent,economy hub of Afica, a star to recon with. Nigerians are most intelligent people in the whole world. Nigeria is notSee More


Moses Adedeji

Moses Adedeji Speaking about Nigeria my country, Citizens of Nigeria are the most successful people in the whole world. Spiritually, any mega penticostal church anywhere in the world Nigerians are behind it. The biggest African churches are own by nigerians, Redeem See More


Moses Adedeji

Moses Adedeji I will let the whole world know that Nigeria is a blessed country no amount of negative campaign against my country will succeed,no amount of harassment against nigerians anywhere in the world will succeed. I’m a Nigerian anyway.


Da Hills

Da Hills you guys ar truely my people..nigeria is a beautiful country wt beautiful people…lets do a movie with beautiful nija..


Da Hills

Da Hills ok i wl already doing something about it..trust me but na u go direct the movie oo! lol


Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara No wahala! I full ground. Ready when you are.


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