Lift Thy Face

Face of The Rising Sun

Lift Thy Face

Face of The Rising SunLift Thy Face


Lift thy face unto the Rising Sun
Raise thy voice in praise of the Lord
Count thy gifts and bless this day

Let thy rejoicing come to no end
For thy choice is right to praise His name,
And thy life is blessed to live His ways

Many are they who claim the Lord
Yet few are they who know His name
Such few are they who live His ways

Be not least deterred by their rebuke
Who taunt and curse thee for praising Him,
For thy reward in God is always great

Deal with others in truth and fairness
In the name of God for the love of God,
And expect no praise from man, but God


Oliver Oscar Mbamara © POEMS OF SPIRIT & FREEDOM ©Nov. 2015


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