I Start Me A New Beginning

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I Start Me A New Beginning

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I Start Me A New Beginning
A Poem On New Year Resolutions And The Journey Ahead


Seeking to know and learn some more
I still have ways that I must travel
Grateful and thankful in many ways
I remain humbled by more to learn

Though exhausting it seems at times
Defeated and beaten down sometimes
I learn that I can always pick me up
And start again to make new strides

So in these days of fleeting illusion
I must stand for myself to live and be
And though I may have failed before
I will try some more, again and again

Though the path be strewn with thorns
And may be slippery at best at times
Through the valley and shadow ways
In God’s own hands I trust my course

The Light of God will shine my path
The Sound of God will lead my way
As I start me yet a new beginning
To emerge again, a glorious Soul.


©Oliver O. Mbamara 2012  – POEMS OF FREEDOM (All Rights Reserved)


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Regina Askia Williams

Regina Askia Williams Again…ur spit game is always the bomb…inspirational

Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Thank you, Regina. Wishing you a good one.

Charity Kafula

Charity Kafula I love it Oliver. Have a wounderful journey in 2013, Blessed Be!

Serah Nwabueze

Serah Nwabueze Amen ooo longlife & gud health 2013. favour is urs

Andrea Zehnder

Andrea Zehnder OMG I love this! You are so talented. Can I post it on my blog? With your name of course! smile emoticon

Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Sure Andrea. Feel free to post with credit. Thanks and God bless!

Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Thank you Iktune, you have spoken. Thank you Chilufya, Thank you Oluchi – many blessings to you in return.

Eric Chifunda

Eric Chifunda Well expressed, Oliver! as always, right on the money!

Jane Maluka

Jane Maluka Thanks again, Oliver, for this and that, and for the beautiful gems you keep rolling out of your poetry hat. Wisdom on course. Feeling you in this, my story within the poetics. May your creative Source, Resources and Wells keep flow abundantly, for youSee More

Deborah Elizabeth Lotus

Deborah Elizabeth Lotus Excellent! good read for today for sure!

Iyke Chukwu Iheukwumere

Iyke Chukwu Iheukwumere All that’s needed to commence the year! thanks

Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Thank you, Eric, Jane, Deborah, Iyke. I appreciate.

Victor Olatoye

Victor Olatoye Lovely…A Must Read

Donna Spence

Donna Spence thank U for a very healing poetry, it is enriching

Andrea Zehnder

Andrea Zehnder Oliver, I published this on my blog, www.RaisingPeanut.com today. Of course, with credit to you as the author. Please visit. If you are OK with it, I will leave it up. If not, (sadly) I will take it down. I will be forever grateful to you for the lightSee More

Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Hi Andrea, Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. I wish you all the best ahead. The posting is fine. God bless.

Andrea Zehnder

Andrea Zehnder The bank took back my home yesterday. New beginning indeed. smile emoticon

Jonas Weiss

Jonas Weiss heart emoticon heart emoticon Thank you for sharing

Gemma Dohinog Canfield

Gemma Dohinog Canfield You always have a great poem. Glad you have inspired others. Thanks.

Rita Floto
Gethsemani Ugochukwu

Gethsemani Ugochukwu Only a mind so stretched can capture or hear the echo and sound of God.

Nollywood Producers Guild, USA

Nollywood Producers Guild, USA You love poems like me smile emoticon Lovely!!! thanks for sharing

Joyce Adewumi

Joyce Adewumi Beautiful as usual. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Stanley Chinedu
Dyna L-koch

Dyna L-koch Wow…i always admired your ways of thinking. …another master piece…..happy new year

Oliver O. Mbamara

Oliver O. Mbamara Thank you folks, and best wishes to you all in the year ahead.

Lucy Delu

Lucy Delu My talented brother. Weldone.

Chisom Ozlee

Chisom Ozlee Brilliant literary work. I understand the hard work involved with each line, especially with the scheme of rhymes, and each line conveys so strong a message. Bravo!!!!

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