Adieu, Cecil The Lion; Beloved Beauty of The Jungle – A POETIC TRIBUTE

Cecil, The Lion

Adieu, Cecil The Lion; Beloved Beauty of The Jungle – A POETIC TRIBUTE

Cecil The Beloved LionAdieu, Cecil The Lion; Beloved Beauty of The Jungle

(Dedicated to the Zimbabwean Icon, lured and killed by poachers)


Though born to live amidst the brutal jungle
You became an icon beloved in the life you led
Though from a kindred known for conquer
You showed the world lions could be lovely
Though from a pride known for prowling
You displayed the patience of an entertainer
Though from a specie ghastly in manners
You were an example of beauty in majesty.

Such beauty you exude in many ways
Charming glimpse of your golden eyes
Colorful array of fabulous dazzling hair
Luminescence of your smooth brown skin
The elegant throttle of your majestic gait
The affectionate sound of your tender roar
Like King of the jungle but friend to all
A unique spectacle of God’s creation.

Many hearts bleed to learn of your fate
Beheaded, skinned and taken for a trophy
Lured away from your graceful homeland
To unknown territories for ulterior deeds
Shot with bows and arrows by trusted men
And for forty long hours you clung to life
But their deceit must have hurt you most,
No wonder you succumbed and gave up life.

Many of us have seen you around your abode
How well you welcomed us in your preserve
Many of us never will ever meet you in person,
Men who seek fun  in the kill of God’s creatures
Have deprived the world of the rare gem you are
I wonder now how they could go to bed in peace
Knowing they killed such beloved and collared life,
Yet your Soul does live on to the life beyond.

And when in the next life you return again
Please forgive the folly meanness of men
And for now, we bid you adieu our dear CECIL
Transit in glory, travel in peace, dear loving Soul.

©Oliver O. Mbamara – POEMS OF SOUL (July 2015)


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