Resurrection of The Awakening

Hatched egg, symbol of new life

Resurrection of The Awakening

Hatched egg, symbol of new lifeResurrection of The Awakening


After challenges and illusions that be
Along the course in the journey of life,
In search of that glory that once was,
The threshold of reality is arrived upon
The sound of the waking call is audible
The traveler shakes out of the slumber,

After the abandonment of the ego,
Fallacies take fall at humility’s gate,
The mind is unburdened of its illusions
The veil is pierced to reveal the true self,
The light is aglow that once was dimmed
The path is clearer that once was vague.

After the higher realm is home again
The traveler acquaints the path afresh
With frequency of the world of being
Celebrating the unity of identification,
The true self awakes to its essence Divine
That which has been and always will be.

Oliver Oscar Mbamara – POEMS OF FREEDOM ©2013 (Revised April 2014)

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