In Loving Strides

Dear Mother

In Loving Strides


Dear Mother - Black White Passport
Dear Mother – Love You Always.

In Loving Strides (Dedicated to All Mothers)


My presence came with joyful pain
Sickened her mornings
For nine full months
It was hard to bear
But in loving stride she took it all

As the Lord molded my flesh
My growth did change her figure’s shape,
And my weight weakened her joints
As it also hampered her tender gait
But in loving stride she took it all

For nine full months,
I changed her usual ways of life
Yet, inside of her, I lived in warmth
I turned and kicked, and even played
But in loving stride she took it all

God’s loving hand was there to help
My tender being was so pampered
With care and protection so needed
I was fed, groomed, and well nourished
And in loving stride she took it all

And when the day finally came
Her water broke, but she was strong,
She pushed in pain, but bravely so,
Till out I came breathing and crying
And in Loving stride she took it all.

And as I grew, she was there for me
While as a child I learned of life.
She showed me the lessons, nudged me on,
Was quick to forgive even when I erred
And in loving stride MOTHER took it all.

©Oliver O. Mbamara – POEMS OF LOVE & FREEDOM (May 2010/Updated Mar. 2015)


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